10 Amazing Free Kindle Business Books for Wednesday!

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Free Kindle Books – Business

Great information!
Great information!
  1. *Mastering Bookkeeping Basics – A Practical Guide for Small Businesses (Deal, Not Free) by Veronica Vanderbilt. Price: $0.99. Genre: Business & Money Non Fiction Deal, Sponsor, A comprehensive resource for demystifying bookkeeping for non-accountants. Rated: 5 stars on 5 Reviews. 124 pages. ASIN: B0CTLR49TF. Also, get the eBook version here, and the paperback version here, please.
  2. **Radical Delegation: Hired an Assistant and Still Struggling? How to Go From Grind to Great by Patrick Ewers, Connor Drake. Price: Free. Genre: Time Management in Business, Startups. Rated: 5 stars on 79 Reviews. 311 pages. ASIN: B0CY38Z7NY.
  3. *Your DMV Study Buddy – New York Edition: New York Driver’s Handbook + 200 Driving Test Questions to Help You Pass Your DMV Exam (Your DMV Study Buddies by Nail Your Test Publishing. Price: Free. Genre: Automotive Insurance. Rated: 5 stars on 46 Reviews. 148 pages. ASIN: B0CLHZQYSM
  4. *Victory Outside The Arena: How Athletes Can Go From Isolated To Inspired Once The Applause Begins To Fade by Bill Burke. Price: Free. Genre: Sports & Entertainment Industry. Rated: 5 stars on 8 Reviews. 231 pages. ASIN: B0CY169Z7Z.
  5. *Etsy Business: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Start a Six Figure Etsy Shop by Fran Williams. Price: Free. Genre: E-commerce Professional, Starting a Business. Rated: 5 stars on 4 Reviews. 177 pages. ASIN: B0CW5HQ9H1.
  6. *Green Your Airbnb and Make More Money by Tracey Hodgkins. Price: Free. Genre: Marketing for Small Businesses, Green Business. Rated: 5 stars on 3 Reviews. ASIN: B0CVZFJYJ6.
  7. Forge Your Mental Toughness: Your Foolproof Blueprint On How To Strengthen Your Will, Silence Your Doubts, And Level Up In The Game Of Life (Build Thought Clarity And Mental Strength) by Wisdom University. Price: Free. Genre: Personal Success in Business. Rated: 4.6 stars on 7 Reviews. 344 pages. ASIN: B0CW18R7P2.
  8. The workbook for SMART goals – the scientifically proven template for successful goal setting: SMART goal setting templates with guided questions, tips and examples (Growth Tools) by Clove books. Price: Free. Genre: Business Leadership Training. Rated: 4.5 stars on 7 Reviews. ASIN: B0CQ5HGDH1.
  9. Challengers: How a New Breed of Leaders Collaborates and Wins in a Hyper Competitive World by Saar Ben-Attar. Price: Free. Genre: Business Systems & Planning, Entrepreneurship Management. Rated: 4.4 stars on 10 Reviews. 206 pages. ASIN: B0CVJHDW1M.
  10. The Ultimate Guide To Homebuying A Comprehensive E-Book : What Every First-Time Homebuyer Needs to Know by Jeffery Roberson. Price: Free. Genre: Business & Money, Real Estate Investments. Rated: 4.1 stars on 6 Reviews. 44 pages. ASIN: B0CG2FGKJK.
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