7 Wonderful Free Kindle Business Books for Sunday!

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Free Kindle Books – Business

Great book!
Great book!
  1. *Rehab Chiro Biz – The Proven System to Build and Grow Your Rehab Chiropractic Business (Deal, Not Free) by Justin Rabinowitz. Price: $0.99. Genre: Entrepreneurship Deal, Sponsor, The principles behind the most successful rehab chiropractic practices in the world. Rated: 5 stars on 1 Reviews. 114 pages. ASIN: B0CVJYJLW2.
  2. *ChatGPT Side Hustles 2024: Unlock the Digital Goldmine and Get AI Working for You Fast with More Than 85 Side Hustle Ideas to Boost Passive Income, Create New Cash Flow, and Get Ahead of the Curve by Alec Rowe. Price: Free. Genre: Business Conflict Resolution & Mediation. Rated: 5 stars on 3 Reviews. 157 pages. ASIN: B0CW6JPRBM.
  3. *Change Your Resume, Change Your Career : Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Old Resume for New Job Sectors. Includes Worksheets and Resume Templates by Demi-leigh Miller. Price: Free. Genre: Career Guides. Rated: 5 stars on 3 Reviews. 152 pages. ASIN: B0CZ1HH9XG.
  4. *How To Talk To Anybody: CONQUER FEAR, WORRY, AND ANXIETY. BUILD CONFIDENCE, CULTIVATE AUTHENTIC CONNECTIONS, AND DEEPEN RELATIONSHIPS THROUGH CONVERSATION by Alex North. Price: Free. Genre: Business Education. Rated: 5 stars on 3 Reviews. 148 pages. ASIN: B0CZ7L1QBV.
  5. *From Tattersalls To Triumphs: The highs and lows of owning our first racehorse by Michael Madden. Price: Free. Genre: Business, Sports & Entertainment Industry. Rated: 4.8 stars on 11 Reviews. 214 pages. ASIN: B0BLT982BD.
  6. Money and Debt: The Public Role of Banks (Research for Policy) by Bart Stellinga, Josta de Hoog. Price: Free. Genre: Economic Policy & Development, Macroeconomics. Rated: 4.3 stars on 6 Reviews. 439 pages. ASIN: B096LVDXKF.
  7. Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: Case Studies and Options for Addressing Ethical Challenges (SpringerBriefs in Research and Innovation Governance) by Bernd Carsten Stahl, Doris Schroeder. Price: Free. Genre: AI & Semantics. Rated: 4.2 stars on 4 Reviews. 223 pages. ASIN: B0BL6LSSK8.
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